About Sparta

Mission Statement

The guiding purpose and primary objective of the Sparta Ground Water Conservation District Commission is to conserve, protect, restore, and maintain the Sparta Formation Aquifer as a continuing source of high quality, potable water for current and future consumers by promoting conservation measures and the development of alternate sources of fresh water, pursuant to the authority and responsibility granted by the State of Louisiana.
Adopted at Sparta Commission Meeting Aug. 13, 2009

Goals and Objectives

STATUTORY PURPOSE In 1999, the Louisiana legislature established the Sparta Groundwater Conservation District and its board of commissioners, 'Sparta Commission.' According to the creating statutes, the Sparta Commission's purpose is to study ways to put Sparta water "to the highest beneficial use" in terms of public welfare. The statutes note that "the continued uncontrolled use of groundwater from Sparta and other aquifers may create critical problems;" and they charge the Sparta Commission with studying "how to provide for the efficient administration, conservation, and orderly development of groundwater resources" in the Sparta area.

  1. EDUCATE - commission members, the media, civic groups, government decision makers, and the public
    • Focus on areas of general agreement and priority interest;
    • Personally invite legislators or their designees to meetings and invite their comments;
    • Lend Sparta Commission's endorsement to educational initiatives;
    • Encourage media to present educational material.
  2. STUDY